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Thursday, March 19, 2009

a wik of misery #~

-- got 3 project presentation dis coming wik. ia memerlukan ketabahan. yee..not to forget, a hardship tu.

-- maybank's paperwork nid to be altered due to sum circumstances. tabhkan jela ati ni.. at least puan tu lenient in dealing wit our crap work tuh. big thanx to u pn yusarina.

-- a full report of PBL nid to be completed n submitted by 13th wik. yeeee adik2. itu adelah pade minggu depan inih! sabo jela yop..

-- Alhamdulillah (Thank God) since MAF 640 xyah kene wat any report babe! credits to u, Sir Saiful. yay! thanx fo being great fo us. oo btw, me did a gud job on ur paper kn? or was it d other way round, wic, u did a great n not-too-strict-like-her-marking skill on our paper? huuu..wat a pleasure~~

hurmm..having said all of d above, sebenarnya amatla sukar bile kite ni digelar pelajar semester akhir. ingat bes ke?? xbesla dey..everytg turns out jussssst wrongGG! *TISK*

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