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Sunday, December 7, 2008

so fun to be a MALAYSIAN!

Maggi Mee.

Traffic Jam.

None. Most Malaysians still feel embarrassed buying condoms. So they rush into a 7-11, hurriedly grab the nearest pack, any pack, pay and leave before the cashier can even blink an eye.


Stout. Many swear by it.
But after a few pints they start
swearing at everything.. .

Food Poisoning.

Menstrual Pain

Headache, kids not asleep, maid not asleep, mother-in-law around, early appointment, period, haven't removed make-up, haven't had a shower, no water supply, going to watch 'Desperate Housewives', depressed, no mood, etc...

None. Malaysian men never refuse sex. (oh ya??)

Panadol. The 'cure for all'. If it fails we have another secret weapon;
Tiger Balm.

Minyak Angin Cap Kapak.

Happy Hours.

The sight of a police roadblock.

Anywhere. As long as it is not your house.

Carrefour. Sometimes even pronounced as Carry 4!
On second thought, why bother pronouncing stupid French brands like Peugeot, Renault or Citroen correctly. I think it sounds better,when the local mechanics say 'Pew Jeot'. When I was in school, Milo was always 'MeeLo', now that I'm sophisticated, I say 'My Lo'. So don't be embarassed saying 'Carry 4' when the ! Mat Sallehs shamelessly pronounce orang utan as 'rangootan'.

The Bra-less Tourist. See how heads turn and traffic slows down when a bra-less Mat Salleh backpacker goes 'bouncing' about on the streets.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

How to pronounce Fashion names?

r u having difficulties in pronouncing those vogue-de-vasst fashion designer names?
no worry guys cuz i'm having the dilemmas too! haha. here are some tips and guide. enjoy!

1. Jean Paul Gaultier --- (zhan paul GO-tee-AY)

2. Bulgari --- (BOOL-ga-ree)

3. Versace --- (ver-SAH-chay)

4. Loewe --- (LO-ee-VAY)

5. Givenchy --- Jhee-von-shee

6. Hermès --- Air-mez

7. Louis Vuitton --- Loo-ee Voo-ee-ton

8. Moschino --- Mo-ski-no

9. Pierre Cardin --- Pee-air Car-dain

10. Dior Homme --- dee-OAR OM

11. Dolce & Gabbana --- DOLE-chay and gab-BON-a

12. Salvatore Ferragamo --- Sal-va-TOH-reh Fair-a-GAH-moe

13. Yves Saint Laurent --- EVE Sane-LOR-aunt

14. Balenciaga --- Bah-len-see-ah-gah

15. Christian Lacroix --- Cristian la-kwa

16. Cacharel --- Cash-er-el

17. Chanel --- Shuh-nel

18. Issey Miyake --- Eees-Ay Me-Yah-Kee

19. Swarovski --- Swore-off-ski


2 weeks is yet to come! Way to go babeh~ wat a release bile aku memikirkan yg aku akan dibebaskan dari belenggu pekerjaan. Peh… waktu itu sedang melambai2ku sepoi bahasa indahnye.. while others are celebrating their kemerdekaan day, aku masih disini terkial2 mensettlekan consultant income. Ahh persetankan itu sume. Aku tgh besemangat nk buat keje nih. Xkesahla mende tu sesusah manepon, aku dah tak rase kesusahannye. Yg aku pikirkan skang, adalah waktu2 pembebasanku itu.

Ok, lemme call it – ‘the termination day’ – does it sounds better? Whateverrr…. Talking about the day, I was invited to join a farewell party with Johor Specialist’s colleagues @ Yew’s Café last few days. We – me, dian, geeha, seri, syaza, cik pah, kak wiya, kak gee, kak tea, kak fida -- decided to throw a mini party fo ourselves. Enjoy bagai nk gile seh mlm tuh! Siyes.. we did capture d’ moments there. So as to cherish the memories later. Pleasure to see..haha.

We spend the night @ geeha’s since she’s all alone kt umah mlm tu. Apelagi…. RONGGENG ROKIAH!! Dan keesokannye…saye ngantokla kt opis.. –end-

Sunday, November 16, 2008

hit and run attempt !

wuaaa jahanam kete aku! it was crashed dis early morning when i'm on my way to work. i was there in pekan nenas, 30 mins away from home. i was driving alone all d way to jb. sudddenly bile saye at a junction to turn right, si cina lelaki yg memandu kete kancil in front of my car seems teragak2 utk membelok. nampaknye cam xde lesen. xkesahla asal die bahagie. n in all of a sudden i heard a hard crash at my car n brase bergoyang2. dammit! kete kancil tu terundur ke blakang.n it crashed my car! kebetolan ade pakcik naik moto next to my car, die tnjuk kete kancil tu kt aku. n kete tesebot dah lari. RUN BABY RUN! kepaleeee....

aku mmg dah hangin. so aku keja je. si kete ni xmo benti. dlm 5 minit aksi kejar mengejar dilakukan,die mule keep slow n he turns right. aku ikot die. n he turns left. aku tros ikot die. n tibe2 aku prasan mcm laen je tpt yg die bwk aku nih. rupenye kt tpt bangunan yg tesadai n tpt tu xde org langsung! n i was starting to feel somtg is not right here. i was shivering man! god, wat will he do?? tp alhamdulillah dlm separa sedar aku masih boleh mengatasi rasa marah ni dan berfikir utk patah balik keluar dari tpt tu. ya Allah, syukur sbb masih bg aku peluang utk berfikir.

kerana ikutkan sgt rasa marah tu, aku kejar kete tu n langsung telupe nk amik plat no kete die. i was to lodge a police report with my dad. tp cmne? no proof but only those pic above. it cant be helped.

n worst come to worst, aku kene jugak kuakan duit sendiri utk btolkan kete tu. duit boleh dicari. tp nyawa?aku? xkan dpt dicari ganti. aku xtau ape yg akan berlaku if aku terus2 mengikut kete tu yg bwk aku ke ceruk mane tah. mungkin die ade niat lain. dunia skarang...it was hard to tell. ape2 boleh berlaku. tp aku bersyukur Allah masih bg aku peluang. from dis, i learn something valuable. dunia berubah. people changed.

~ once in a lifetime ~

- Learn how to pronounce it right -

here are some tips i got from a few sources which i tink gud for us in improving our pronunciation. check it out guys. for the 1st session here, i try to bring u a much easier topic which we will focus on how to pronounce English words wit "silent consonants".

Silent Letters in English Words There is no clear way to know about all the silent letters in English Words. The best you can do is to make lists and circulate among your friends to find and add more such words.

1 - Silent Letter B ‘b’ is silent in the words ending with ‘mb’. Climb, Crumb, Dumb, Comb, Lamb Silent Letter B ‘b’ is mostly silent when it is followed by ‘t’. Debt, Doubtful, Subtle (But not in some words, e.g. 'Obtain', 'Unobtrusive')

2 - Silent Letter C ‘c’ is mostly silent in the words beginning with ‘sce’ or ‘sci’ Muscle, Scène, Scent, Science, Scissors Silent Letter C ‘c’ is silent in the words ending with ‘scle’ Muscle, Corpuscle

3 - Silent Letter D ‘d’ is silent in the following common words. Handkerchief, Sandwich, Wednesday.

4 - Silent Letter G ‘g’ is silent in the words beginning with ‘gn’. Gnome, Gnaw, Gnats, Gnosis, Gnu Silent Letter G ‘g’ is often silent when it is followed by ‘n’ in the middle or end of a word.

5 - Silent Letters GH ‘gh’ is silent when it is followed by ‘t’. Ought, Fought, Thought, Taught, Daughter Night, Light, Might, Right, Fight Silent Letters GH ‘gh’ is mostly silent in the words when it is at the end. High, Sigh, Weigh, Neigh, sleigh Letters GH ‘gh’ sounds ‘ff’ when preceded by ‘ou’ Cough, Rough, Enough, Tough.

6 - Silent Letter H ‘h’ is silent in the words beginning with ‘wh’. However some people whisper ‘h’ before the ‘w’. What, Wham, Whip, Whiz, When, Where, Whether, Why Silent Letter H ‘h’ is silent, in many words, when it is at the beginning.

7 - In such cases the article ‘an’ is used. Hour, Honest, Honour, Heir, Herb Silent Letter H ‘h’ is silent in the words ending with ‘h’ and preceded by a vowel. Hah, Mynah, Cheetah, Sarah, Messiah

8 - Silent Letter H ‘h’ is silent in the words ending with ‘h’ and preceded by a consonant. Myrrh , Catarrh.

9 - Silent Letter K ‘k’ is silent in the words beginning with ‘kn’. Knife, Knee, Know, Knock, Knowledge.

10 - Silent Letter L ‘l’ is often silent when it is before ‘d’ and preceded by ‘ou’. Would, Should, Could Silent Letter L ‘l’ is often silent when it is before ‘f’ Half, Calf Silent Letter L ‘l’ is often silent when it is before ‘k’ Talk, Walk, Balk .

11 - Silent Letter L ‘l’ is often silent when it is before ‘m’ Calm, Balm, Salmon Silent Letter N ‘n’ is silent when it is behind ‘m’ at the end of a word. Autumn, Hymn, Damn, Column.

12 - Silent Letter P ‘p’ is silent in the words beginning with ‘pn’ Pneumatic, Pneumonia, pneumonic + ‘p’ is silent in the words beginning with ‘ps’ Psalm, Psychiatry, Psychology + ‘P’ is silent in the words beginning with the suffix ‘psych’. Psychiatrist, Psychotherapy, Psychotic + ‘p’ is silent in the words beginning with the suffix ‘pneu’. Pneumatic, Pneumonia.

13 - Silent Letter S ‘s’ is mostly silent when it is before ‘l’ in some words. Island, Isle.

14 - Silent Letter T ‘t’ is silent in the following common words. Often, Castle, Fasten, Listen, Rustle, Glisten, Thistle, Whistle, Wrestle, Christmas, Listening.

so we're done on our 1st topic. there might be mistakes here n there since i'm in process of learning too. do feel free to correct me if i'm mistaken. thanx guys!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


My faith on u, RAFI!

SPM – ur life begins here. This is dedicated to my dear brother, AHMAD RAFIUDDIN BIN HJ OMAR. Dis is d time of ur life which everytg is on u now bro. either u take it seriously or just leave it hopelessly. Ok? I knew u better than others and dat is why I’m here supporting u all d way through. I’ll keep praying for my dear bro. hoping dat Allah will give u kemudahan dan ketenangan to sit for d exam. Believe in urself u can do it, and Allah will do d rest. Ur sacrification plus continuous effort will get paid finally. Praying for u, smoge dipermudahkan spanjang peperiksaan dan beroleh kejayaan. AMIN…. My faith on u.

JAMES BOND is back again!

Here – ‘Quantum of Solace’ - the more adrenaline pumping action than ever is back on screen again. Ppl having cardiovascular plus heart problem, dun ever try to watch it. Yes it is – will make u feel worst afterwards. Hahuh. Since I’m not the action-movie-die-hard-fansooo type, I will say this movie -- hurmm..so-so sajee.. I guess next tym I shud be back off earlier in case my fren nak blanje ke, I’ll just say soory guys! I’m not into it.tengkiu.huu~

But still – and yes, all the fancy cars and cool gadgets are there to capture my interest. Whoaww~I’m impressed man! Ohh bond, can I have one of those gadgets pleaseee?? Its either Sony Ericsson c902 titanium silver or Sony Vaio laptop. I dun mind any of it, shud b more than ok.. wud u mind abanggg bondddddd…..?

^ ~ all about MASCULINITY ~ ^

Friday, November 7, 2008

Customer is ‘ALWAYS’ right --- is dat true? 6th nov 2008

Ppl keep saying those words. Me myself – for example; haf been begelumang in business stream for de past few years, are so sooo familiar with dat. Boring tau bile dgr mende tu je. Bcuz now, d thing is we cannot depend on it anymore. Knape? Sbb d relevant answer is  it depends. Ya..IT DEPENDS. Y shud customer always be right at d 1st place? Regardless of dorg wat slh atau x, perlu ke kite bepegang teguh pade prinsip tu? I dun tink so ppl.think yaa..

Here d 1st situation:
It did happen to me once. 3 years back, gua keje kat kedai fotostat. Ade a mamat teksi ni dtg nak fotostat ketas. Dah a ckp mcm bai. Gua pon kompius die nih mlayu ke bangla? Sbb kalo bai jual roti ckp ngan gua pon gua paham. Ni org mlayu lak nk ckp cmtu kan. Xpela layankan aje. Suke ati lu la bai. Disebabkan gua xbape paham ape yg die cube nk smpaikan, gua gi jela wat ape die suruh, n tnjuk hasil fotostat tu kt die. Pastu die kate btol ape yg gua bwat. So gua troskan keje gua mempotostatkan ketas tu smpai 20 copy. Die pon bayar. Tibe mase je, tetibe die dtg balik marah2. kate gua xdgr ckp die. Slh potostat. Bengang x?Halamak..die mmg tlah mencabar keimanan didada gua yg menebal nih. Gua pon apelagi, betah balik. Pantang abah atok nenek gua org cemni. Bile dah ngok-ngek-bla-blah, gua dah hempas2 mesin potostat tu, die tros blah. Gua cukup marah. Pastu tetibe bos gua ckp, xbole mrh2 bcuz customer is always ryte. Wat shud I say man?? Pikir2 kanla.

2nd situation:
It happen just now. Kat hospital. Gua nak gi anto cheque to sign. Seblah tgn dah penuh ngan chq nih. Bile nk bukak pintu susah kan, tibe2 gua telepas pintu tu. Gua bukak a balik. Ape ade problem kan? Tibe je, ade pakcik yg sengal sgt ni tgh lepak situ (patient gamaknye). Bole die tetibe tanpe usul dan cadangan, nak sound aku “eh awak xbole ke nk bukak pintu tu btol2? Xpayahla hempas kuat2.kan bising. Xtau ke. Ni kan hospital.” Ohh…sound aku ye. Tegamak ko pakcik! Dgn merendah dirinye, gua pon mintak mahaple kt die. Xpe pakcik, arini ari ko. Sok2 ko kene plak, pdn muke. Gua xnk tolon. Gua pon xtau gua mtk maap tu ikhlas x. gua ckp je tu sbb gua masih sedar diri lg. kalau gua berada di paras atas norma2 seorg manusia, mmg dah gua hamun pakcik tu. Bingit siot. Die piker die sakit, die bole mrh2 gua? Die x pikir ke gua pon stress duh byk keje. Betobatla pacik selagi ade mase..isk.isk.isk.

See…u all kenela pikir2kan. Bukan nk menghasut. Tp statement di atas tu dah mati ditelan zaman. Time goes by. Ppl changed. Kdg2 ape yg kite buat btol, ade je yg nak disalahkan. Tp tym kite buat slah, lagila ramai yg nak menyalahkan kite. D moral of d story, I dun think we cud ever have this thing – ‘customer always right’ – anymore. Its rather impracticable for us. Unfair. From now on. Yes..effective TODAY!

^ ~ renung2kan dan selamat beramal! ~ ^

Does a woman make better drivers than men? [ 5th nov 2008 ]

Ye inilah isu yg kite akan kupas arini. Memandangkan ati gua tgh merebak2 kemarahannye nih.

A study done by University of Bradford discovered that women generally make better drivers than men. ---- yes, it’s a fact! But im obviously be against the statement! Girls out dere..dun be offended wit me ya. Will tell u d reason. Here im gonna list out a few reasons y im against d fact ( I tink 5 shud b enuf kot?)

. : 1 : . 1st n foremost, cuz I dun drive like a women do. Im driving like a man. Seriously. Cuz ppl keep saying dat. Idola saye – abah saye. So ofkos my driving habit Influenced by my dad. Org kate bapak borek anak rintik. Yes I do. Tail-getting, jumping queues are normal, but still be courteous on the road. That’s the golden rule. Just be courteous. FULLSTOP.

. : 2 : . women? Oh god..some – to be specific, 30% of them.huh. im just sick of them! Yela tym driving ni la nk btolkan rambut yg ‘gune jari pon bole’ tu.. n blab la bla. Bengang seh. Pastu mulela nk brake emegencyla, pastu bile lampu ijau pon xjalan2 lagi. Rase cm nk tarik2 je rambut yg kengkonon lurus sgt tu. Ok here, I dun mind kalo nk btolkan2 rmbut ke, makeup ke, tp tlg jgn susahkan drivers yg lain bole x? mcm dian. Bagus.rambut lurus & Sgt berhemah. – dian, jgn lupe credits to me-

. : 3 : . WOMEN, 15% of them just didn’t know wat fast lane were for? Or they really never heard of FAST LANE? Oh plss.. tolongla bagi laluan pade yg nak laju kat fast lane tu. Kenderaan yg pelan banget sile ke kiri. Haf I make myself clear? Thank you.

. : 4 : . honestly speaking, somehow I do understand with the fact that women are better drivers than men just because they do buckled up, mph up to road speed limit, dun cut Qs, n whatsoever. But still some of them annoyed me so much! Man..i’m talking as if I’m not a women.! Help me. I’ve reached the stage of identity confusion!

. : 5 : . I’m out! ( sbeno2nye, td ade nyonya kat jalan nih tukar lane tym gua tgh speeding. Pastu x bg signal lak tu. Pastu tgh stuck in trafficjam ni, ade plak pempuan betuah ni sebok dok btolkan2 rambut. Wat muke slumberland je xjalan sedangkan lampu dah ijau. Pastu brek tetibe lak tu.rambut masuk dlm idung gamaknye.Mane gua x bengang smpai tahap skang nih. Lu pikirla nyonya. Gua malas nk ckp lagi!!!!)

^ ~ I hOnK LiKe MaLaYsiaN dO ~ ^

“Superman wannabe”.

It was on a fine day actually but in a sudden, my car just gebooom breoookkkk.. – guess wat am I trying to say? Tu namenye, nak buat bunyi yang amat dasyat n tragis , to tel u dat I crashed my car..again! yes..A.G.A.I.N.
tula gare2nye minat sesangatle gamaknye kat Faizal Tahir smpaikan lately ni asek la rase nak tiru aksi die. Kengkadang tu rase cm nak bukak baju kat public. Wahh bole ke? Pastu plak skang ni rase cam nak tebang cam superman. N I did it man..! believe it or not.. meh le kerat kuku saye nih kalo x caye.
Gini – sbenonye nk reverse kete la cuz nk bagi another car kua. Setakat reverse-mereverse ni, routine le. Kire dah expert tahap gaban. Jap lagi I try to give it another shot by pulling the steering seblah tgn je n parking btol2 seblah surau. Tu yg tetibe je rase apsal bunyi tragis sgt ni? N dengan magicnye, tetibe aku rase cm berada dlm keadaan yg sgtla x stablenye. Mcm menonggeng je. Rupenye kete dah parking btol2 dlm longkang beso! Bole tahan terer aku nih. Penah korang buat parking dlm longkang? Xpenah kann…
Mase tu muke mmg dah tade darah ni. Mcm mayat baru kua peti sejuk. Cuak gile beb. Mane taknye mau remuk bibir kete aku tu. Kebetolan ade staf2 jejaka yg gagah2 belaka nampak tragedy menyayat hati tuh. Dengan skali kenyit je, aku bejaye mndapatkan bantuan beliau2 sekalian --- ha yg ni cite tipu je. Sbb dorg tolong dgn ikhlas.huu. 1st try, 6 org angkat xbole jalan gak. Panggil lagi n we give it another try. At last, 12 org angkat br bole kua dr longkang. N gua yg dah becampur baur prasaan ni bdiri kt situ dgn gaye superman yg bejaye jela. Malu siot..
Moral of the story, buckle up behind! Superman mmg cemtu. Dah a pakai spender kt luar pastu gelabah lak tu. See u soon.. =)

1st post ever!

dear all;

since dis is d 1st tym i’m writing fo my 1st eva blog i ever had, i’ll just make it simple yet still in the mood of delivering u the warmest welcome to MY BLOG!

haPPy bLoGgiNg to me *wink* =)

Pls do feel free to visit me @ alimn’s blog cuz i’ll make ur life better. wuahaha!

yaaaa…who knows kn? ;p

see ya around!